The Tefkat plugin is available under the Lesser GNU Public Licence (LGPL). We are open to dual licensing so please contact us if you require an alternate licence.

Tefkat is currently built with Eclipse 3.2, EMF 2.2.x and Antlr. It has been used with both Eclipse 3.3 and EMF 2.3.x without problem. You will need to install both EMF and Antlr before you can install Tefkat.


Builds are available from this Update Site. Build 2.1.0.lawley266 is the most recent (2008/01/11) and now supports multi-Resource source extents (see the F.A.Q. for details).

Note, most of these builds are from branches/lawley since they reflect the most current form of Tefkat.

Known Limitations

  • Tefkat fails to detect (erroneous) rules that violate multiplicity constraints on a feature indirectly; through setting the value of the feature's opposite end.
  • The semantics of interactions between EXTENDS and OVERRIDES are too complex and in need of simplification.


  1. Start Eclipse
  2. Select the menu Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install...
  3. Select Search for new features to install then click Next
  4. Click New Remote Site... and enter the following details:
    Tefkat Update Site
    then click OK
  5. Click the disclosure triangle next to Tefkat Update Site
  6. Click the check-box next to MDA Tools then click Next
  7. Click the check-box next to the version of Tefkat that you would like then click Next
  8. Read the license and, if you agree to the terms, select I accept the terms in the license agreements then click Next
  9. Click Finish
  10. A window may pop up warning about the feature not being signed. Simply click Install
  11. After the installation process has completed you will be asked if you want to restart the workbench. Click Yes.
  12. At this point you should probably work through the tutorial.